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I'm not a pollster but when you see a direct correlation between the bump for Obama in your polls to the doubling of Dem sampling from +4 to +8, even you should know that's not good accurate polling... Just an observation...
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on Obama leads by 4 in Florida at Public Policy Polling
Pundits are putting way too much importance on these over-hyped debates between Obama and Gingrich.. No doubt they'd be entertaining but would they be decisive in making up people's minds, it's very doubtful.. They won't even take place until October 2012, just one month before the election, and most will have already made up their minds by then.. Those that don't know who their voting for before October probably aren't the type to watch political debates... Not to mention Newt has a lot of baggage, both personal and political, and this is only the stuff we know about.. How much is yet to be uncovered by the Right and Left, and all these issues will be in the news for months prior to the debate.. I'm not sure that Newt can survive the Primary, much less the General..
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2011 on Gentlemen, Start Your Engines at Monica Crowley
Am in general agreement. But Perry just a "stalking horse"? Maybe, and maybe not. Anyway, let's get real. If not Perry, who can stop the G.O.P's White Obama (Romney)? Feelings are fine, but I'm requesting names. Specifics. The possible, not the fantasy. Posted by: gringoman | October 13, 2011 at 03:13 PM It's my opinion that Perry is indeed a Stalking Horse for Romney, used and discarded by the GOP Establishment/Fox News just to undercut Bachmann. I don't see much difference between the Liberalism of Perry and Romney. Perry admittedly uses Pay to Play and Crony Capitalism to create or bring jobs to Texas, believed he could circumvent Legislators and implement a Mandate through Executive Order against the will of the People, spoke out against Arizona's SB1070, refuses to use E-Verify to weed-out Illegals and went to Mexico to Promise Mexicans he would give Illegals In-State Tuition... Sounds much like Obama's ideology and resume... I'm looking for a Constitutional-Conservative President to restore Law and Order, not to continue the Lawlessness we have now in both parties. I'm not willing to compromise my Ideology just to elect another Liberal or Moderate Republican and continue the agenda of those who've ruined the Republican Party and set our Nation on a path to destruction .. I don't throw my support behind a person just because they can best win the nomination. I will throw my support behind the person who best represents my TEA Party ideology and Constitutional-Conservatism, then I’ll do all I can to help them get elected. My Ideal candidate isn't running but Bachmann, Cain and Santorum all represent my views more than Perry, Romney Huntsman, Paul or Gingrich..
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2011 on Newt On The March? at Monica Crowley
Your article proves you either don't understand the battle happening within the Republican Party or you're knowingly ignoring it. The current GOP Establishment isn't Conservative, hence the rise of the TEA Party Movement. Many Pundits and Media ignorantly report that it was Obama that created the up-rise but he was just the straw that broke the camel's back, the TEA Party is a Movement against both parties and it's goal is to Restore the Republican Party and America to Constitutional-Conservatism. The battle going on in this Republican nomination process is between the GOP Establishment and Constitutional-Conservative/TEA Party Supporters. Romney is the GOP Establishment Candidate and Gingrich, Perry, Christie, etc. are just Stalking Horses for Romney, organized by the GOP Establishment who will ultimately try to destroy any Conservative that dare run, even to the point of losing the election to Obama. The GOP Establishment would rather lose an election and retain control of how they lose, than to allow a Conservative to win and lose control of how they win an election. The Big-Government GOP-Establishment-Machine will do anything to stay in Power of the Republican Party. The TEA Party Movement wants to break the back of the GOP Establishment..
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2011 on Newt On The March? at Monica Crowley
I'd love to see Weiner's seat go to a Republican, that would be a nice finish to the whole Weinergate debacle.. And might be a good indicator of the 2012 elections, House, Senate and Whitehouse...
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2011 on Special Elections at Monica Crowley
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