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We are on the path of spirit; here are our spiritual and medical adventures.
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Hi Melanie, Good to see your name cross our electronic threshold here. I agree that we should leave some version of Bonnie's weblog up on the net and a list of resources or some such... I am asking myself and you and others here "What should we do with this weblog". At the same time I am reporting complete on having contributed to Bonnie's weblog about her recovering her health and her self. Even though, in the end her health finally did fail, I think Bonnie more than recovered her "self" over the last nine years. Daniel
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Hi Betsy, Indeed it was all of ours to share. Margaret Irwin posted this message to our Blog yesterday 27 Jan in response to "It is Birthday Time again..." What I love about your posts and Margaret's posts is that they match our attempts to be real, with no "make up" on. During Bonnie's first round of Chemotherapy 8.5 years ago we realized that we were really "up against it". Death loomed on the horizon, at a distance of a few months or at most a year away. And the daily hospital experience in the "Compromised Host Unit" stripped us of virtually all privacy. Bonnie and I discussed our situation. We simply dropped "our little selves" and the vanities that go with it. It was too much baggage for the trip we found ourselves on. Being real and being candid with doctors, nurses, our friends and family was a path to liberation, if not to survival. We discovered, much to our surprise that people found Bonnie's pictures of her daily dissolution as the Chemo took hold of her body and my accounts of real life in hospitals was deeply appreciated by friends, and even strangers who happened upon our Blog. After 8.5 years, with many raw accounts, I do not sense that we have lost anything valuable by giving up our "sense of propriety". We have gained a lot by being real in our communities. We are gratified that others seem to find our candor useful. And you Ms. Betsy Hall are one of the people from whom we learned to be real and unflinching. Let's ask Bonnie to chime in on what is okay to share as we live "upside down" in the world. In the world we inhabit death is a most real possibility. Living with this fact of life has changed our sense of propriety, probably forever. /Daniel for BanD
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Mar 15, 2010