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Well I'm thrilled to hear that Bob finally found Medford. Since he's never been seen at any community meetings up there, I was going to mail the man a map if he didn't figure out that the district covers two different towns... Very interesting about Carl's fundraiser. Money raised in the district, money raised out of the district. Speaking of which, where does Paul Trane live? That will determine if Bob gets his campaign money from in or out of the district... I did hear that the Traniac spent some time knocking on doors in the Norton's neighborhood. How nice of them to show him around. Although I heard from the neighbors there he didn't make a very good impression. He just keeps calling Carl an elitist and doesn't talk about any issues that people care about. Maybe at his kickoff he'll start talking about the issues? I'm simply dripping with anticipation...
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2008 on Newstalk for June 25 at The Somerville News Blog