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I only have a little stash, and the fabrics in it are organised first by fibre content and then by size. Most of my fabrics are bought for dressmaking, and I keep the leftover scraps for quilting with. I can't afford any designer lines, so that really isn't an issue for me. If I did I imagine that I would keep them together.
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My most embarrasing mistake came to me fairly recently, and demonstrates a lack of attention. I was working from a vintage pattern, and dutifully looked up and wrote down the needle sizes that I needed to get in metric from the old British ones in the pattern. However, I didn't write down which size was which, so when I got to the pattern I assumed that the larger number must be for the bigger needles. I knit most of a jumper before realising that it was meant to be the other way around! is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 29, 2014