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Jamie Sisk
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Both companies make great trucks. When towing something really heavy do you think the extra 30 horses will help? If so explain the difference in payload capacity and towing capacity between the two. What about the the independent front suspension? 34 years is a long time to be America's #1 selling truck. I'm not bashing G.M. I think all three companies gives the consumer great choices to choose from. I do look forward to driving a Chevy and a Ford. Also G.M. doesn't make the Duramax-Izuzu does. That is why for dropped Navistar and built their own motor in house. Only time will tell if they knew what they were doing. As for reliability, I'm a ford man; but dodge with the cummins built motor win hands down until we see what the other two's track record will be. Only time will tell in real world use.
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Mar 11, 2010