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Could you please tell me where or what kind of paper I can use? The thickness would help & where to get it. I am passing if the styrene it is not gold and I will not pay the prices I am seeing over $5 a foot, that is crazy your are hundreds into just styrene for a few lamp shades. As well 5 minutes in a car where I live ruins the styrene. So where can I find appropriate paper and what is the thickness needed? Thanks Stephani
If you are going to send it with the AGs office address or phone number in MD OR VA, make sure the sitting AG is a Democrat.
Pack the envelope up and send it back, but first fill out the information with the names & numbers of some blow hard republicant. Let them enjoy the phone calls. I was going to copy it and have all my rightious minded friends fill one out, but then they will get calls. It would be worth the trouble if, it was a REAL SURVEY.
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Apr 10, 2011