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(Disclosure NetApp Employee) I noticed that the V2P portion says "only with certain storage vendors", I think it would be most accurate to say "Only with NetApp or IBM N-Series" - see For more details. Regards John Martin Principal Technologist NetApp ANZ
Chad et al, when it comes to thought leadership on automatic sub lun tiering, I think we should all aknowledge that HP Labs can probably claim the moral high ground here thanks to the excellent work done by John Wilkes, Richard Golding, Carl Staelin, and Tim Sullivan in creating a RAID Array with automatic tiering back in 1996 ! cf Unfortunately like much of the other work done in HP's storage labs, this never got the support it needed from the rest of HP to turn into a succesful product, and when they bought Compaq the somewhat misnamed "Enterprise Virtual Array" (which IMHO is neither Enterprise class, or particuarly "Virtual") killed off what could have been a much better product. The good thing about EMC and NetApp (I work for NetApp btw, and have never worked for HP), is that our focus means that our good ideas become good products and we invest heavily in making sure our customers can take advantage of the technology we imagine and create. Ultimately it doesnt matter who thought of it first, what matters is who is able to solve problems the in the most efficient manner. Vision and thought leadership is cool, but to paraphrase the CIO of Morgan Stanley , the true measure of differentiation is execution. Personally, I'm more impressed by shipping products and happy customers than lab results, white papers and products that havent been released yet. Having said that the engineer in me is looking forward to seeing how well EMC will execute on their vision. Regards John Martin
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May 19, 2010