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Hello, I call BS. It looks like you didn't even read what you linked to and then made specious statements from your false premises. The USA Today article you linked to (and NOT the actual study) reluctantly mentioned that parent choice and involvement played a role in these inner city children. I know from other studies show that parental involvement is the primary indicator of success, not the amount of money spent. ( I do believe there are gains in pre-K programs, but those gains are wiped out later from the socialization process (no thanks to Dewey's disciples) in government run schools. We have spent an dramatically increasing amount of money for NO increase in test scores or graduation rates. ( That is a NEGATIVE INVESTMENT for those grades. This shows a fundamental problem with public education that has nothing to do with money. I believe school vouchers programs are one way of providing a lower cost and higher quality education. This mechanism gives parents economic freedom to chose and really be involved with their children's education. It's success in places like the inner city Washington DC have been shown. Yet that program was canceled. Why? Politics and power, not the best interests of children. We now have an amount of spending at the local, state, and federal level that is UNSUSTAINABLE. We can't do what we're doing anymore and there is no bailout for the United States. We are going to have to cut back dramatically (much more than the recent agreement in DC) and unfortunately that will hurt people dependent on the government teat. My church and civic groups have stepped up their community assistance. I am donating even more time and money to the needs around me. This is what was in place before government took over charity work. What happens if our economic system fails? MANY more people will be hurt in the aftermath. This will reach worldwide. Case in point. The billions of dollars of foreign and domestic money we lost in the mortgage bust. Now for the Missouri bill that you DID NOT read. I read it. It removes the age limitation for children working in the ENTERTAINMENT industry and details out safe working conditions. It also makes sure they still receive an education. It PROHIBITS children under 16 to work in unsafe conditions and describes examples of unsafe work environments. So no seven year old factory worker smelting pig iron here in Missouri. Sorry to bust your bubble about those "meanie" Republicans. You started strong in your post, but your incomplete and juvenile thought process permeates throughout. I challenge you to think and rely on realities (economic and otherwise) and not repeating the fantasy of Democratic Party (or Republican) talking points. Think for yourself! Unfortunately I believe that you got to your political ideology through subjective emotional means and not reality, so facts won't change your mind. It's called Normalcy Bias. I hope that you can overcome this obstacle in your life. Mike Disclaimer - I excelled in a private school after failing in a public high school despite parental involvement. My Dad and I have both taught at Missouri University and my Mom has had her Missouri teaching certificate for many years. Her last job was at a private learning center helping failing students from the public schools. Her students gained two to three grade levels in forty contact hours.
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Apr 14, 2011