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Richard Straub
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Hello Lynda, I like your post. It is a very important discussion to have. In the corporate world senior managers and executives tend to me moved around to different business areas rather rapidly - with the intention to give them "general management experience". All too often they don't acquire a high level of expertise in the subject domain but they rather understand how to handle the internal system and to work with senior connections in their network. However, in the current complex virtual matrix organizations, individual knowledge workers get increasingly isolated - managers don't have the right skills to support them neither on personnel related issues nor in the subject matter domain. This is markedly different from the German Mittelstand, where managers up to the top executive have deep subject matter knowledge in the field the company is active. They may have an MBA but as a foundation they normally have an engineering or technical education (see research from Herman Simon and Bernd Venohr). This discussion is extremely important to have now - it is about the role, the task and the responsibility of the manager in today's organizations. I am glad we will have "Management Responsibility and Legitimacy" as the lead theme for the 2011 Peter Drucker Forum.
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Jan 14, 2011