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Is Obama capable of being the uniter he promised? So far, no B-plus in that department should be expected. What ever is said to the contrary, by their actions, our President and the Democrats have proven they are more interested in maintaining the status quo........ regardless how fool hardy the maintenance of it is. Time and again his lack of experience and knowledge of the lay of the land continues to ill serve him. It's a well known fact in South Florida how Rep. Wasserman-Schultz is afraid to go where Haitian churches are in her district... so why did Mr. Obama feel hers is the credible voice to rally the forces in Broward County? Rep. Alcee Hastings was impeached from the bench for being a crook and there isn't a Haitian alive represented by the congressman who knows what he looks like. However, I'm still holding out cause it's a surprise to me his name hasn't yet been mentioned. That leaves the GOP's South Florida congressional contigency, and you know damn well Mr. Obama won't ask their support. That's a BIG mistake. Especially since the opposition on the Right would be hard pressed to ridicule the very popular Republicans from Miami Dade county. If Mr. Obama did a lil home work, he'd also be aware it's no secret in South Florida the majority of Haitian Americans identify with Cuban Americans.
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Jan 14, 2010