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Thanks Nevin, If I have your data figured out correctly then the line below 2011.0658 -1.6399591 14.4116583 16.0516167 indicates that I was close reading the graph and that the minimum so far occured on 24 Jan. At this point is it likely that the 14.412 will be the low of the year? If so we did not miss 2006 by much then (1/10th of a percent) 2006.0850 -1.5731411 14.3918705 15.9650116 Wyo
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on Open Thread 5 at Arctic Sea Ice
Hi, 1st post. Can someone point me to the link where the numercial ice area number listed above (14.696) is found? I am only finding graphical representations. See here: and it seems to indicate that the icea area is about 14.4 and very close to the record minimum. Is this graph not correct? Thanks, Wyo
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Feb 3, 2011