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I used to do my laundry on Third Avenue and 29th Street, I believe there's a Dunkin Donuts there now. South Dakota was next door to the laundromat, and I used to stop in there during my rinse cycle. Not sure if they moved to there/from there, my memory of South Dakota is 29th & 3rd. This would have been 1982 or so. Also, I used to drink at a bar called McGregor's Garage on St Marks Place. I knew a girl from Belize, we used to go out dancing occasionally. McGregor's was the only place I knew to find her. One night I went down to see if she was around, and there was a giant crowd outside, turns out McGregor's Garage had closed and it was opening night at Boy Bar. It looked pretty packed, I was going to go somewhere else and then I saw Quentin Crisp's taxi pull up and he went in. Someone else said tap beer was free, so it didn't take much more for me to go in. Had a great time!
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Jul 7, 2020