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Einstein Structured Settlements
Los Angeles, California
Factoring Company
Interests: cash, money, finance, insurance
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When does it make sense for me to sell my structured settlement payments. Continue reading
Is it time to open up your vault of payments and sell your structured settlement? That is only for you to determine. The current payments that you are receiving are some of the safest investments in the world and your payments are almost all but guaranteed (there are rare instances... Continue reading
Are you looking to sell off your annuity payments this year? The Einstein team is glad to help you maximize your annuity. The time may never feel right for cashing in on your payments but that does not mean that you are not supposed to do whats in your best... Continue reading
Living in Washington State and we are a little down and out that the Seattle Seahawks losing the Superbowl it is okay because you can still cash in your lottery winnings for a large lump sum up front payment. Symetra one of the best insurance companies in the world who... Continue reading
Does John Darer Publicly Make it aware as soon as your land on his website website? Is John Darer Licensed to practice Structured Settlement transfers in the state of New York? He may be but anybody who talks as much trash as this guy does makes you wonder. He... Continue reading
It's the weekend. Whether you live in the mountains of Idaho, the lakes of Michigan, the depths of Alaska, or Hawaii we want to know how you the annuitants who are interested in selling your future strucutred settlement annuity spend your weekends. Do you go to the movies? Do you... Continue reading
Is ignorance bliss? Ask John Darer the man who was recently written up here at the Einstein Structured Settlement Watchdog Website where there was visual proof from the website Scam Adviser about his blog not being trust worthy. John may not be a trust worthy fellow according to what we... Continue reading
John Darer is not credible as a settlement planning expert according to which gives him a failing score and says he is based out of Costa Rica not Connecticut. Continue reading
When does it and when does it not make sense to sell your structured settlement? The team at Einstein Structured Settlements wants you to know that it is a decision that only you can decide for yourself. An extremely large number of settlement purchases happen within one year of the... Continue reading
We want to send a big shout out and thank you to our dear Friend and self proclaimed Watchdoggy John Darer of 4structures. He has announced that he is donating a new wing and finally giving back to the community by opening up art exhibits. The Einstein team also wants... Continue reading
Einstein Structured Settlements wants to wish all of their annuitants, Friends, and Family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Showing that we care we hope that you participate in one way or another helping out somebody who is less fortunate than yourself. Be Thankful that you are here alive today. If you are... Continue reading
For the industry there are only a few associations setup. One of them hasppens to be called NASP. This is a very reputable organization ran by the leaders of the structured settlement industry. In full transparency and education we are trying our best to find a way to upload as... Continue reading
Receiving a large lump sum of cash may seem enticing, but what are the pros and cons of selling a structured settlement? The Pros Instead of waiting to receive periodic payments over a number of years, selling a structured settlement allows an individual to receive a lump sum of money.... Continue reading
As many of our clients have asked us how the Live your dream sweepstakes broadcasted all over Facebook works. We are glad to help out in any way we can and have provided for your reference the official rules for the sweepstakes that have recently ended. Live Your Dream Now... Continue reading
Einstein Structured Settlements Infographic and Helpful Information for those who may want to sell their future payments. Continue reading
Clients and annuitants who are complaining about their lack of funds after paying off their monthly living expenses ask if it is a good time to sell their settlement payments? That question is so open ended that it would take careful examination and discovery for the annuitant looking to sell... Continue reading
The watchdog is at it again. John Darer has written about DRB Capital a company that was previously known as Imperial Structured Settlements and has just received $600 million dollars in financing. They are one of the leaders in the industry and control the website Sellmyannuity online. The recent posting... Continue reading
When a person buys an annuity, they do so with the assumption that the annuity will make them money. All too often, though, they are stuck with an annuity that is losing money, and is now worth less than what they paid for it. In these cases, the annuitant may... Continue reading
As the financial realities of 2014 America set in, people are finding that they need to take advantage of every opportunity they have to make ends meet. People are working multiple jobs, staying away from their families to work, and generally having a tough go at it. Some people, however,... Continue reading
Selling a structured settlement is a big decision for any individual. Deciding that the small, sporadic payments aren’t good enough is a time consuming and often stressful situation. Knowing that someone else is in charge of cash that should be theirs can make someone resentful and angry. Selling the structured... Continue reading
Einstein Structured Settlement company overview. Continue reading
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Oct 6, 2014