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Hi, this is Struela, which should be struela, where applicable, and fasteddiez, or Fasteddiez. Typepad seems to be more of a pain to transfer to from disqus, but who cares. on Biden, it's important to note that he has run for president twice, and did not make the cut. He must be destroyed politically. As for Tulsi, if she becomes less viable through the debates it will be the dems' doing through the trickery visited on the Bernmeister last time. When this happens, Bernie should announce that she should be his VP. She would definitively appeal to younger folks should they be alive and not piles of ashes. Plus, Bernie is getting on with age, though decidedly smarter than witless Joe ever was. One of his potential shortcomings is that he is a Jew, not an issue for the richest of the rich, unless you factor in his pronunciamentos on the Izzies'treatment of the Palestinians.
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Apr 30, 2019