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Hi Martin. WRT to what does it mean to your MOOC - it means tools such that described in this post (can't find the link to the tool ATM) can be built. The idea is that you paste in a bit of content which is representative of what your MOOC is about and you can get results from past OU course material that is about the same or similar things. You can then reuse or adapt these (rights permitting). For an idea of how the STELLAR tool works you can try with any text (of more than a few words). It will return OU content under an open license that is about the same/similar stuff to the text you pasted in.
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Hi Martin. Interesting stuff. I wonder if there is another which is increased flexibility or increased utility. This is implicit in a number of the others but seems most fitting to some of the stuff I've been involved with. For example on we publish stuff from around the OU as linked open data. All of the stuff we share in this way is made publicly available by the OU in other places but is in a format according to the databases/systems which serve specific applications/purposes (and the data is often therefore difficult to work with). Anyway, course data such as or presents info about the course as well as stuff form other datasets that is related to this course. This doesn't directly lead to increased reuse (since developers here and externally will muddle through with what they are given to some extent), but it does enable them to be more flexible in what they do. Maybe it's just that our use case falls into Increased Reuse and Increased Experimentation. Nice new theme on the blog btw ;-)
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Oct 30, 2013