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Oct 29, 2012
Sadly it only works on Macs.
I am not a scientist but I do know that discharging warm water into the sea can cause enviromental problems. Sellafield nuclear processing plant does this and enviromentalists say this "The discharge of large volumes of warm water in to the Duddon Estuary would inevitably have ecological effects, possibly including the creation of conditions favourable to invasive species not native to the Cumbrian coast" I presume the volume of water in Sweden, however, is minimal compared to Cumbria.
Did they steal this idea from the Louvre?
From an English Chartered Accountant's viewpoint [Chartered Accountant = CPA) (i.e. I don't understand American football) when will these changes enter accountancy? See first paragraph.
Here in the UK there is a growing trend for ignoring mass-produced eggs from battery farms in preference to "free range" eggs where the hens are allowed to roam freely. This has continued with more and more restaurants only offering "free range" chicken. Both the eggs and the chicken are of course premium priced.
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May 3, 2011