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Manchester, UK
CEO and Founder of Clowdy
Interests: Music, Film, Photography, Tech
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Mark, I do love the idea and sentiment but let's be honest, since Google bought YouTube the innovation has been pretty low. They've added ads and content ID – anything else notable? The design is still as horrible as it's always been. Do you really expect them to do something like this? They'll do what they've always done: try new models on different services that ultimately get no traction and end up failing.
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Oct 28, 2014
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Oct 28, 2014
Thanks Chris, we are definitely looking to do that. We're in the early days with this feature and it will be officially launched tomorrow but our target markets are indie music and film. As you mentioned, there are plenty of services like this for designers (Behance, Dribble) and it's time we had one for the rest of the creative industries! - Stuart CEO Clowdy
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Really interesting stat. That's a massive jump though I do wonder how much the automatic plays affect that
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Sep 9, 2014