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Stuart Mitchell
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Violence is good? Does anyone really believe that armed force is the answer to political discourse? Guns are for the fearful and the ignorant. Even hunting has become nothing more than avocation for the bored idiots who can't read or write. The US has become the laughing stock of the civilized world because of our gun laws/culture (a word used in the loosest sense), our health care, and social safety network. The Tea Party/right wing nuts will be cheering this country right into the 14th century if we are not careful. Citizens should be happy and privileged to pay taxes to pay for a great society, not crying like small children who have had their suckers snatched from them in the stroller. Many of these ills can be traced to extreme religiosity and distrust of those who have the brain power to work for a more progressive and liberal world.
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Mar 2, 2011