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Thank you - this is clear
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Thank you Chelsea I note that you respond to MTW in February 2017 regarding a website where there is no page and indicate that no page reference would be given because there is no page. I am still struggling with respect to advice for my students. Much of their referencing comes from websites (government or related sites) based upon the type of research they are expected to do and many of the websites do not have page numbers or sections. Your response for the question following MTW suggests that finding a means to guide the reader through some heading or keyword is preferable.
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Hello I always tell my students that a direct quote always needs a page number in the citation even though one may not be listed in the document. This can be indicated by using n.p. or other - However when I see examples of direct quotes from websites there appears to be a tendency to not use any page number or indication of a location. Does APA specify that all quotes must have a page or location or some kind of page-like notation (para or n.p.) or are there exception for direct quotes and no page reference?
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Mar 2, 2017