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Does anyone have an idea on how those abroad can get their certificates?
mr kiki , i am not trying to support premarital sex ,i am stronglt against it, but nothing has been said about the girls age.i just think that since the father had been there from the time the girl went and had the ecography done to the time she delivered the babies,they are probably married.legally or "come we stay" it is is better that allowing these teenagers top mess around ,trying to copy this "filthy" western culture.what do you think? Take it easy.
Fritzane Kiki, did u read this. "The father of the triplets, Humphrey Efon Mfombep, an MTN sales agent in Molyko, had anxiously waited for the babies because he knew about it from the results of the echography". "Nobody in my family has ever given birth to more than one baby and now that God has blessed me with three, I am going to do my best to cater for their needs," Mfombep boasted. hearing this,what stops u from thinking that she wasn't married,or is it a crime for a married girl to attend school.i see the husband as a responsible father.