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@Jeremy "You can still remember the past and think about the future so long as you don't spend any time doing it." So, what you're saying here is...truly spontaneous people don't think about the past or the present. Since a thought, no matter how small, by definition takes a non-zero amount of time to complete. I think what Scott is trying to parody here is the limit of spontaneity. More precisely, is making a decision in 5 seconds spontaneous while making one in 10 isn't? Personally I run a life of risk management and quality assurance, which includes much planning, foresight, and research. Were it possible for me to be spontaneous, I'm not sure I would choose to be.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2007 on Being spontaneous at The Dilbert Blog
A bit tangential but relevant I think. Pope Benedict Before: Pope Benedict After:
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2007 on How to Pick a President at The Dilbert Blog
That calf is done for anyway. Don't matter if they saved it, it will end up getting left behind or not getting enough to eat along the way, making it another easy target. That is if it doesn't die of bleeding/infection/etc. before that.
I am neither imaginative nor creative to a great degree, but I prefer to be alone a large part of the day. Mostly because people are, well, Induhviduals. I do enjoy the company of some people but in general its best to avoid interaction with Induhviduals at all costs. I would tend to draw the connection between preferring to be alone and intelligence. Creativity doesn't have much bearing on how great a conversation can go in my head. Plus there's less risk of something unfortunate happening in my head as well. :)
Toggle Commented May 15, 2007 on Imagination at The Dilbert Blog
Ooh, another cognitive dissonance post. These damn things grow like weeds. I'll play along, so lets see what the connection to copyright infringement is... My guess is something along the lines of: Deeming something good, thus profitable and by extension worthy of ganking, would cause the creator to safeguard his work in the form of a copyright so that he would be able to attain his goal. Amirite?
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2007 on Judging Art at The Dilbert Blog