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Jan 6, 2017
Thanks for sharing your story of beginning Tim. I felt that way with my first class with you so many years ago in Guy's Shala on the lower east side of NYC. I listened to you speak about ashtanga yoga and yoga philosophy and knew that it was a beginning. And I look forward to the next time. hopefully soon. A visit to Encinitas:))
Beautiful Timji. Thank you for always generously sharing your heart and mind, the sweet memories and deep knowledge. Honestly, I know you may find this hard to believe, as I am not in your room on a daily basis etc, but I cannot imagine where I would be without you. Thank you for all of your teachings.
You are brilliant and kind and inspiring Timji. Your commitment to your sadhana and your jnana deep knowledge and satsang are masterful. There should be a line out that door for your intro class. Once again I will say that I wish I were closer!
And if you teach Timji, I will come:)
I love your stories Timji. It makes me feel like I am far less than 3,000 miles away. Thank you so much for the connection. Though not in your Mysore room, it is almost as good:)
Thanks TImji for the mini agenda. I didn't think it possible but now I am even more excited! I am so looking forward to being together again. Time to fill up with so much love. Thanks to you and Carol and all of the organizers of this event.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2013 on Tuesday February 26th at Tuesdays with Timji
Ah Timji, You made me laugh out loud with your ending 'I plan to watch it again' :-) Your wit and timing and ubiquitous humility is touching and disarming and all attractive. I can't wait to see you very soon at the confluence. Thanks again for your piece today. Love, Lisa
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2013 on Tuesday, January 29th at Tuesdays with Timji
Wishing you very happy traveling Timji. Enjoy the sun and the fun and the delicious practice. Maybe next year I will manifest coming too. Meanwhile I will see you soon at the confluence. I am bringing 5 very beautiful and eager students. Again that you for an inspiring satsang. The part about the moon is just what I needed to hear. Thank you again my teacher. Lisa
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2013 on Tuesday, January 22nd at Tuesdays with Timji
Ahhh Timji I am glad that you are feeling better. yes, you guys did get some asoundingly low temps didn't you! I just got back from Maui where I practiced at Nancy's place. It was quite wonderful as you already know I am sure. And at the risk of stating the obvious, Maui is a paradise! Getting away from the NY winter was just what this 53 year old body needed, but coming back oh that is not so easy. it is very cold here and dry and all of a sudden the feet are very far away in kapotasana. thank you for your beautiful voice again this week Timji. I am so looking forward to seeing you at the confluence again this year. I am bringing 5 students with! Love, Lisa
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2013 on Tuesday January 15th at Tuesdays with Timji
Thank you Timji for being the workaholic that you are and still sending off a beautiful satsang on Christmas. You inspire me with all that you share, the big and small things alike, in that you walk the talk and bring your yogic principles along. Like your breath they are always with you. I admire you for that and also work to live that way. And though I often falter, I keep on. I too love the culture of Christmas, the movies, the lights, the gifting and even the shopping! It all fills me up with joy. I think that one of the key points, as Carol wisely understood, is to not get exhausted, drained by the holiday. It is very easy to get carried away with the energy of the holidays! I am glad that you were able to find balance as a family. Again you are an inspiration. With so much love and respect and gratitude, Lisa
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2012 on Tuesday, December 25th at Tuesdays with Timji
Oh man! You had me at hello! I await Tuesday with great anticipation. Thank you Timji for giving me another wonderful thing to look forward to.
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2012 on Tuesday, December 4th at Tuesdays with Timji
thanks so much Tim for this thoughtful piece. i am missing you and your teachings very much. I am very grateful that you do this. Tuesday have fast become my favorite days. Wishing you a constant ability to see your overflowing cup of blessings.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2012 on Tuesday November 20th at Tuesdays with Timji
Great story Tim and beautifully told. As usual your humility, wisdom and kindness shine with a radiance, tejas, like the sun. As you know I hang on your every word and detail and will be sure remember for the future;-) I hope you do not find that annoying, but rather as an expression of devotion and love for you, my teacher. Thank you again for your Tuesday satsang.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2012 on Tuesday, October 23rd at Tuesdays with Timji
Ah my dear Timji, How very true, well said and poignant. I am so very grateful for the practice and my teachers (Timji) everyday. I hope for clarity/compassion/intelligence as I negotiate the battlefield each day. Would you agree that Svadhyaya (self study) is also about being present to process? It was wonderful seeing you in Sag harbor. Thanks for this Tuesday Tim. Jai Hanuman
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2012 on Tuesday October 9th at Tuesdays with Timji
As usual Tim I feel like this one is just for me. Thank you for the wisdom. I look forward to seeing you this Friday in Sag Harbor.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2012 on Tuesday October 2nd at Tuesdays with Timji
Hi Tim, Thank you again for another beautiful satsang. Believe it or not it was just what I needed to hear, as if you had written it to/for me. (I always love when my students say that to me. I hope you do too.) I am currently sailing the turbid sea of my samsara. And your words touched my heart opening it to courage and compassion. Thank you my wonderful teacher. I look forward to seeing you in about a week in Sag Harbor. With great appreciation, love and respect, Lisa
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2012 on Tuesday September 25th at Tuesdays with Timji
Thank you Tim for your forthright thoughts and remembrances and evaluations. I really treasure you my teacher.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2012 on Tuesday September 11th at Tuesdays with Timji
It sounds so wonderful. I am publically and personally vowing to be there next year, as my orthodox brother would say, "G-d willing".(when can I sign up?) I miss you Timji. Thank you for being present and sharing on Facebook.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2012 on Tuesday, July 31st at Tuesdays with Timji
i so look forward to tuesdays with you timji. I wish i could have been in columbus with you. the workshop sounds fantastic! what a brilliant idea. I hope you will consider that one when you come out this way! wishing you smooth sailing and happy journeys. with so much love, appreciation and respect, Lisa
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on Tuesday April 17th at Tuesdays with Timji
Beautiful satsang Timji. I miss practicing with you more than I can say.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Tuesday, April 10th at Tuesdays with Timji
Wish I could be there Tim. Sending love to you and Carol and Leila and everybody at the Center. Beautiful Tuesday Satsang by the way. Love, Lisa
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2012 on Tuesday April 3rd at Tuesdays with Timji
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Mar 21, 2012