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The last paragraph says it all Kim, and it was shot on video (thereby increasing the cheese factor exponentially!) Loved the cake pop :-)
Thanks Zeke! I think you should give LTK a second look. As I said, it's precisely the fact that it throws all the conventions out the window with the bathwater that I enjoy it so much, especially the expanded role of Q! I am also a fan of OHMSS. Lazenby had potential - it's obvious in the film. A few more outings and I think he would've owned the role, but I think TD owned it right from the start! QoS really turned me off (and right after such a great entry in Casino). I should watch it again just to see Craig in the role again. I hope all this legal sniping doesn't derail his tenure the way it did Dalton's!
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Apr 11, 2011