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Most stuff around Akiba was premium-priced since it's so touristy. I played MFC on the top floor of Don Quixote, which is actually a pretty comprehensive arcade (I played Cyber Diver of all things!) but not a place you're going to get a deal at. I paid for stuff with Suica and it works just fine as a train pass afterwards. It's a really cool idea, but I didn't want to load up my card because that would have been an even faster way for me to lose all my money. The extra stuff in MFC sounds cool: I poked around the menus but didn't find anything as neat as quizzes. Something I didn't mention here and which comes to mind for both games are the sweet separate TV screens that play your games, or other people's games. When I played MJ5 I would send all my interesting hands to the screen and it was kind of gratifying to see the replay go up. A lot of arcade games have this and I think it's a pretty clever thing.
If you like Faust I would also recommend giving Teddie a look: he's got the random item-throwing going on, and a lot of odd, confusing attacks, but he's small and quick rather than big and lanky.
It's already there! See the previous post, which was supposed to go up AFTER this one but didn't.
vul: I feel like I overlooked the obvious with that part, yeah. The fights are all great. I never felt like they didn't pay one off or fast-forwarded through a conflict by just blowing up the monster.
Alright, I have to know, and so does the rest of the world: were any more episodes fandubbed or just this one?
Nah, I've never told that story on the blog.
I think $15 is fine for the offline component (I've bought 3S more than once myself), but when you list the bullet points I expect them to actually be filled out. This is a case of delivering really poorly on what was promised, and I don't think we should excuse the game (especially a port like this) for achieving half of what it set out to.
I simply ripped Charge Man Ken off Youtube. I recommend JDownloader for this.
The "screaming about tits and 4chan" level was way, way up this year at the 18+ panel. My theory is that it's location. This is actually the first time I've ever had a lecture hall to myself, and it's just more conducive to yelling than a classroom. It's acoustics! Just given the nature of this thing I assume and welcome a certain amount of hootin' and hollerin': crowd reaction is a lot of the reason I have so much fun putting these panels on. When it's unfunny, eh, what are you gonna do. When it's intrusive, like the people directly in front of me... well, I had to stop and tell those people to be quiet once I was starting to hear them over the sound of my own voice. Anyway, thank you for letting me know you had a good time. I'm always happy to hear it!
HERE THERE BE SPOILERS Yeah, the totally detached administration was really odd. I mean, the kind of snooping you do in most of the game is one thing, but for there to be no consequences for viewing a couple sexting, well.. that was a bit much for my suspension of disbelief.
I just can't agree with this line of thinking. Even if we accept "slice of life" as a genre (I don't), I don't think-- and this is one of the first things that comes up in any discussion about the term-- that calling it a genre somehow puts it beyond criticism. The Higurashi VN, like many other VNs, is frequently plodding. It spends an inordinate amount of time on scenes that go nowhere, have no impact further down the line, and are more often than not neither funny nor endearing despite attempts at such. If these parts are supposed to be representative of a genre, then they're a poor example. I continue to read Higurashi (currently in the third arc) and I stand by my criticisms.
Capcom doesn't make this kind of change very often, so I wouldn't be completely sure that they'll keep doing it. Keep in mind that it's obviously going to cost more to have the game now (there are already two $5 DLC characters and two more are likely) than waiting for some super version which may or may not appear a year from now. Of course, I personally theorize that game is coming.
I just gave Powder a look on the iPhone after your recommendation, and now I'm dusting off my DS. Nice no-nonsense roguelike, I like it a lot.
Hurricane Honey is what Honey calls herself when she's on a bike, as I recall.
Seriously, what were they thinking? He looks like one of those little hammers you break up ice cubes with.
There's definitely a reason Sonoda's name is so huge on the box. I imagine this license was really cheap, and I don't think they had any other angle to sell to US fans. If they'd done this in 1996, they might have had something going on. And yeah, any distinctive Sonoda "look" is pretty absent from the anime, leaving.... nothing, really.
Personally, I'd like to have seen Afro Samurai's numbers in the left column.
I could fix that typo. But I won't.
Please don't tell me SLANGY will go next! Anything but SLANGY!
CS is kinda lopsided with a few characters who were just completely fucked (and I reap the benefits of this), but CT is all the way lopsided. There was a character in that game who didn't even really have to fight!
I'm kind of surprised that I haven't done a Fighting Layer post yet. It's a pretty cool game: my favorite thing about it is that there's a name for every single possible combo, and they all flash on the screen if you KO with them.
(even by Celty?!?) This, this, this! I know she loves Shinra and she's enjoying domestic life, but how does Celty so abruptly give up on what was a primal, unstoppable urge, her reason to be? I don't buy it at all: feels like they just stopped Celty so that she wouldn't end the story.
Technological innovations are frequently made in times of war. Japan's otaku tribe has agreed, by and large, to give up on the world at large, lock their doors, and comfortably sink into a couch in front of a machine that randomly assembles codified character traits into fantasy worlds that create synthetic empathy. It naturally follows that if Japan really wants its otaku to get up and produce, they're going to have to start a war INSIDE of fantasy-land. 100 hours into Love Plus 3 the bombs will start to fall inside of the player's DS, and if the player doesn't complete certain socially beneficial meta-goals (egged on by their loving wives, who are in constant danger but hold out waiting for you, only you, player) their waifu gets sniped and their savegame gets wiped forever. There will be achievements for curing cancer and building the perpetual motion machine. Talk to me, Konami. We can save the world.