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Great post... in concert, with the sea change occurring with this startup funding paradigm, there is a shifting mentality among entrepreneurs... the best entrepreneurs are hopefully looking for the intangibles that the angels bring to the table, more so than the actual cash. That is something worth giving up equity for. As a first time entrepreneur, i really do subscribe to that thought. We are currently bootstrapping our product development in a pre-revenue environment, after raising friends and family money 3 years ago - with those coffers now depleted. While figuring out ways to keep our operations moving forward, and always *thinking* we're so close to hitting profitablity, I'm not at all interested in diluting our equity for cash... but I'd do it in a heartbeat to get access to someone who's done it before - that's the angel that I want... I would get the best of everything without entertaining VC-level equity dilutions.
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Jul 30, 2010