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I was thinking this list was looking a bit too USA and then BAM! My own beautiful country is there! From the pics you posted I assume you're planning on doing the south tour - great choice! I personally think Patagonia is one of the most breathtaking places in our planet (and this is coming from someone lucky enough to have visited like 20 countries so it's not just home pride). I'd recommend the Patagonia Eco Lodge if you wanna stay by Torres del Paine (a must), my uncle runs the place haha also there are some smallish cruises that go around the glaciers and cape horn, they're a great option too! If you want to see some cities I'd recommend Puerto Varas and Valdivia. Punta Arenas (the gateway to Patagonia) is honestly pretty boring so better to have your headquarters somewhere else. If you have the time definitely stop by Santiago so that you can check Valparaíso (it's not as pretty now as it was in the past, mainly due to sanitary issues, but still beautiful!) and valle colchagua, where you can do wine tasting with the best wine ever! If you go to the north definitely go to Valle del Elqui and spend a whole night drinking local pisco and looking at the stars - best astronomical site ever. And of course, remember to overindulge in wine and avocados and have the best of times!
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Jan 16, 2015