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Thanks for the great mention of the Care2 Animal Shelter Contest. :) Please let me know if you have any questions. - Sue Anne Reed Care2 Communications Manager
Social media does raise an interesting question of personal branding / ownership and corporate branding / ownership. One great example, that I'm looking to see how it shakes out is what's happened over the last six months or so over at Comcast. Frank Eliason started the twitter account @ComcastCares and it became a mix of both him personally and the Comcast brand. When he left Comcast to join Citi, he started a new Twitter account under his name and handed ComcastCares to the customer support team -- with all of its followers, tweet history, DMs, "link juice", etc. Fast forward several months and you have another "high profile on Twitter" employee of Comcast leaving the company - Bonnie. Formerly known as @comcastbonnie, she has now left Comcast and taken her Twitter account with her. That's 4,500+ followers, 86,000+ tweets, etc. A significant portion of that she built using Comcast time, but it's now her personal account under @bonniezilla. I think just those two examples at one company and using one platform (Twitter) open up a lot of areas for discussion.
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Mar 19, 2010