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My name is susan and In am in desperate need for christmas help, I have 6 children and dont even have a tree this year. we live in a 3 bedroom house and stacked upon each other. I have a 16 yo boy who wants a psp but he knows i have no money so he wants gift certificates, 2 14 year old girls, one who has a broken shoulder and shoulder, she needs sweaters to go over her cast and she is the best child around helps out even if shes in pain, another 14 yo girl who has adhd and loves to read and needs pants size junior 7, a 13 yo girl she would like anything shes not picky, a 10 year old boy size 12 boys, one piece pjs to keep him warm, and clothes, a 6 year old girl size 7. shes so cute and would like bratz stuff. she needs clothes also. if i can get games so we can have game night it would be great. we have game night on sat and movie day on sunday. i get ssi and it barely pays my rent. I have to wait till march 14 to take the father to court. if you can help email me at