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I like the idea that guerilla research can make the research process more accessible to those for whom research might not be in their remit. One issue is the how - if you are doing something on your own or with one other person, how can you get access to expertise, advice and mentoring while decisions regarding methodology or rigour might become an issues or need.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2014 on Art of Guerrilla Research workshop at The Ed Techie
I thought that (vomit-inducing) Thrun interview was a spoof when I first read it! Oh the irony of this ... I also got my email from Udacity, niftily downgrading their courses to courseware aka a textbook. (Although I am quite enjoying my Udacity Statistics Course). Thinking about MOOCs as part of the OER continuum, would they then be the non-thinking person's OER - less open (can't re-use/remix) but already nicely packaged and ready to go?
Thanks for the post - it allows the open argument to be more nuanced - you don't (have to) make any judgements on whether one type of open is 'better' or 'more valid' than another. So true on the MOOCs example: 'what sort of MOOC do you want' (have you been hacking my emails :-))
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2013 on What sort of open do you want? at The Ed Techie
I read the Donald Clark post a few days ago and was reminded of my history degree days - where history is written by the winners. Serious attempts at revisionism going on here. It's unnecessarily polarising. I (well my kids) love Khan Academy but we don't need to make it something it isn't. It's great as it is.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2013 on The MOOC wars at The Ed Techie
Thanks for this and a useful check.I think I am guilty of seeing 'disruptive' as generally a good thing in the sense of it generating creative tension leading to expansion (in the Activity Theory sense). But useful is...well useful. Hee hee, I love the line 'We should aim higher than getting well paid speaking gigs for middle-aged men with goatees who skateboard to work.' Forewarned is forearmed!
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2013 on Disrupting disruption at The Ed Techie
I'm even less of an economist than you are, but this sounds good to me. Stories of winners would provide enough fodder for the Daily Mail though (which is a downside) as well as spawn a whole industry trying to predict or game the system of allocation along with the possibility of public disorder or huge sudden shifts in local economies. And there's a novel in here somewhere - 'The Money Games' :-)
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