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I agree that this is part of the Amazon strategy--to be as predatory as possible so that they capture 100% or as close to that number as they can get in the capture the publishing industry. Most people don't want to believe that this can happen or that this is their intention. The short sighted among us who just see their own or their company's sales reflected on the positive side now are ostriches waiting for their ship to come in. (Excuse the mixed metaphor, but that is about as misguided as these folks are as well.) Anyone who believes that Amazon hasn't been working those algorigthms to find the best possible way to take the whole pot has also been hiding their head in the sand. And that agency model anti-trust case? Where did that idea come from? Who set up the Feds to look into that? Yes, I do see the very wicked hand of Amazon in most things these days. We all should be ashamed of ourselves and stop hitting that buy button without asking ourselves some real questions like who is packing those boxes for us? What are they being paid? What are their benefits? Who is worried about them? Not their states or Amazon. We too are way too greedy for cheap goods at any cost to others. Truly this is a situation of buyer beware. Deborah Emin, Sullivan Street Press
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May 21, 2012