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Atlanta, GA
Computational Media student at Georgia Tech
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Online communities have always intrigued me. Even when I was young I would play this small scale online ‘game’ in the JumpStart series that allowed you to move around a theme park and interact with other people. Granted, users were rarely on, and my parents weren’t crazy about me playing with strangers, but I was fascinated by this idea of alternate identities and creating alternate communities. It wasn’t until much later in life that I was introduced to MUD’s, arguably one of the deepest forms of online communities out there. In these MUD’s you can create a character from scratch,... Continue reading
The goal of the class project was to create a game prototype, so our group set out to develop a unique idea, one that might not initially be successful because of its experimental nature. It would have to be tested repeatedly in order to make sure it would be fun. Every game development project is a research project of sorts. You have to create an idea that you believe could be fun, then test and test this idea on a group of subjects, iterating on the design as you go. In the end you can reach a conclusion about the... Continue reading
Not a day goes by in this world where some issue of race of gender does not come up. Whether it be on a global scene, a local news report, or a personal encounter, these have always been significant issues in society. Although many of the major problems surrounding these topics have been resolved, culture clashes still exist in many forms and in many places, such as the video game industry. Digital games have, for the most part, refused to acknowledge their general lack of equality when it comes producing for all audiences. Most games are produced by males and... Continue reading
The 1960’s and 70’s were an interesting time for games. Not only was the advent of computational game play just coming to light, but also traditional ways of play were being challenged and reinvented, being presented in interesting ways that sought new goals from the typical ‘win’ scenario. The alternative gaming movement that took place during this time was able to contradict traditional modes of play while still maintaining familiar game mechanics. Three games from these movements will be presented and analyzed in order to explore the way alternative games were being used during this time. “Play hard. Play fair.... Continue reading
Have you ever watched two cats tussle? Or dogs play tug of war with each other? As Huizinga discusses, animals have been taking part in games long before the first man walked the earth. It then stands to reason that games have had time to develop and refine, to become a steady and symbolic part of existence. Games have now become so heavily engrained in human activity that it is sometimes hard to discern what is play and what is not. And, of course, games have also found themselves a comfortable and profitable place in today’s economically driven society. This... Continue reading
More than anywhere else in the Middle Age world, Spain took on chess as a crucial part of class and culture. Influenced by Jewish, Muslim, and Christian cultures, chess in Spain and the Iberian Peninsula has a long and lasting history. At the beginning of the eleventh century chess was widely played by members of royal families. The immediate temporality of the game made it easily accessible while its mechanics allowed for it to become a cultured practice of the elite. Not only was it a practice of play, but also a practice of gaining influence. King Sancho II of... Continue reading