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Hey friend! No worries, were all fine here. I totally need to write on the blog, right? I really have a lot to say. And now I actually have time - and many coffeehouses to explore! How is the school year going so far for you, teacher lady? Xoxo Sam Sent from my iPhone
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You are a beautiful woman! And brave and open to post this - but I do challenge you to EMBRACE your beauty. It's there, for sure - and there will be even more beauty when you're ten years down the road because that will be ten more years of experience and life and love and some tears, too.
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Yes! So smart. You have to start somewhere, and setting the table for the morning is perfect! It may be something as simple as having all the dishes out of the sink so you don't start off the day with a messy kitchen...whatever. I love this. You'll find your're on the to you...
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Sweet, sweet babies. You do know that now your boys have an automatic crazy Auntie Sam in Mississippi now, right? And an built in cousin if they want Thomas, too! I, too, wonder if I've neglected my sweet boy, but he has always been amazing at playing by himself. It's a gift when kiddos can be happy on their own! I know I am happy to play by myself as a grown up... As for the rest of it - I am so honored. I still can't believe that God knew we'd be on this beach in North Carolina at the same time and say, "Oh, you two? Oh yes. What a great friendship you've got ahead of you." I believe it. Thank you for being so vulnerable and trusting and just your amazing Arabella self. And for helping me so much, too!
I love this post. What I think many men of faith don't understand is that they have all these Biblical men to identify with...and for women, we need someone, too. We can't all be Esther, or Ruth, but many of us are mothers. The idea of having a connection to the one who mothered God...that's very powerful and holy. To know that Mary loves Jesus in a very human gives us hope that we can love Him, too.
That is perfect! We got a little spooked, too (scary music...strobe lights...) but bravely made it through. I love your trick-or-treat bags! It's all about letting go of expectations and just enjoying the experience. I loved being outside under the stars...and all the candy I get to hijack!
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This is so beautiful and lovely, Arabella. I am truly smitten by you, and love that we found so much to talk about - music, little boys, and everything else. I can't wait to get to know you MORE. Really. And Melissa is right - Squam by the Sea wouldn't have been the same without YOU.
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Mar 15, 2010
Oh wow! What a great idea, selling books BACK...I definitely have some that I know I wont read again, or ever, so thanks for that tip!
Bethany, I love that you sat down and figured out your available hours for doing what you love/want to do! That is just so very sensible and honestly, never would have occurred to me. Honestly, I don't know how moms of little ones have a super consistent exercise routine, unless they already have child care set up, or can join a gym with child care available for members. I am lucky in that Beaux's schedule is so odd, and lately he's had more time off from work. Even if he's working nights, when he comes home in the mornings (between 7 and 8 a.m.) I can grab some time then, before he goes to sleep. When he's working days it is MUCH harder. I have to utilize the time when Thomas is in Mother's Morning Out, which can be a drag, since I like to use that time for 'fun stuff' like coffee w/ friends, or Sam-time. I know some people are very disciplined about getting up before the kids get up (we're talking 5 a.m.) and I'm just not there yet, or they do it AFTER the kids go to bed. (No way!) So I just don't know what the solution is, but I know it takes a lot of support from your spouse for most SAHM's. Or they are very rich and we hate them already, right? (Just kidding!)
Yes! You go, Bethany! Seriously, though. The elipitical took me by surprise...I definitely hate running, but I love that I can move FAST and not feel like I'm jarring all my joints like running on pavement does...and lucky you, you have one IN THE HOUSE! Now crank up the music, sister! (I couldn't do it without some seriously good tunes...yesterday it was OutKast's Hey Ya...that song always makes me laugh!) :) Sam
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I just want you to know you're not alone, and like everyone has said in earlier comments, this is what these programs are for. I signed up for WIC when my child was in the NICU (mostly to help out my amazing lactation consultant, who was employed through WIC) and got a free breast pump since I was a working mother (though I didn't work during the summer, since I had TWO part time teaching jobs). That was truly awesome and made all the difference!
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I've now seen all the episodes of this show (except this one) and they all break my heart. I agree with your original review, that it really shows the teens in an honest, respectful light. Good for Catelynn and her boyfriend in making such a difficult, selfless decision. She should be very proud of herself for listening to her heart, even if her mom didn't support her.
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Thanks, Brandi! Is it weird that I'm relieved?
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Re: my Big Fat Fabulous Wedding w/ Dina - is that they one where the groom cussed out EVERYONE, all the TIME? I remember that one! Holy crap. I can't help but love all of it; it's just pure brain-suckitude fun.
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I said I wasn't going to watch, but I did. I couldn't help myself (apparently, like the rest of America). It was sad, it was uncomfortable, and weirdly, Kate was far more likeable than she's been in ages (whether or not her behavior was contrived or not is another question). Jon seemed heavily medicated and petulant. I know they both want to be there for their kids but I agree, why not ask for a month off and send the cameras away. The marriage - unless they're both world class actors - seems like it's over. I know many people think Kate's a monster, and criticize her being away so much, especially at this time. But really, if you had 8 children - even with help - wouldn't you JUMP at the opportunity to go do something different, just for a little while? I know I'm thrilled to go to the grocery store alone; I completely understand that allure. Still, the whole time, they never said that they loved each other. That was tremendously sad.
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I've become shamefully obsessed with all the coverage - it's bad, y'all. But I refuse to watch the show on Monday night - I feel like I'm giving them EXACTLY what they want. It's bad enough if they actually have problems, but even worse if they are milking them for reality show drama - talk about messed up. I used to like to watch, too, but I'm just not interested in being a part of the machine that strips these kids' of a normal life. Yeah, college is expensive, yes, groceries are expensive. But nothing is worth this sort of mess.
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I'm so excited. I wrote an email, too, which I never do.
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Who doesn't love the free stuff?
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