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Sunday Thompson
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I agree with you. My cousin was born gay or transgendered. He is only 10 now and he has always liked playing with barbies, princesses, dressing in dresses and high heels, he is an actor, loves rearranging the furniture, and putting on lavish dinner parties for his family. He was BORN this way! God MADE him this way! God LOVES him! Why can't my Church love and accept him?
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I went to her facebook page and this is the latest post: "Sorry folks for any inconvenience, I am being stalked by a mentally unstable woman via the internet. If you have ever been stalked or bullied by a dangerous person, you know what I am talking about. Till I can get a restraining order, please try to ignore any weird posts from psychos. We'll try to remove them as fast as possible." So just keep ignoring any weird posts from psychos! I'm assuming she means psychos other than herself!
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Dec 13, 2011