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Did something foolish and then something tedious a few weeks back. Was at the end of a roll of Superia Reala on my Yashica Electro35GSN. I was at the very last frame, and I cranked it to what I knew would be the last time for the roll. It trrrrr---- I think it stopped at a hair below 100%. And I thought, 'Damn. A frame wasted.' Then I did something no photographer should do. I forced the issue. Sure enough I heard hell snap into two inside the camera. Feeling quite stupid, I brought the camera home, put it in a loading jacket along with an old Konica roll (that I dismantled earlier to rehearse what I was going to do) and some tape. Then I the roll back together. Most of that negative came out pretty undamaged. (Physically, from my circus undamaged; aesthetically, well that's another topic) WHen I was in film school,200 feet of 16mm film unspooled out of my hand inside the loading jacket. And I coiled it all again. All 200 feet to the sound of the cinematographer sitting next to me and sobbing. :D
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Mar 21, 2013