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I love the triple threat of flavor: almond, mild chocolate, and cheese. The triple layering of the 3 different consistencies of those things too...the crunch, the cream, the main part of the cookie. Just yum.
We're past saliva; tears are coming from my mouth. Looks beautiful. Taste?
I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
I sometimes buy them with almond filling and other times with raspberry--usually one of each!
Oh. Okay. Yeah, ranch is ghetto.
lol, very true. My beloved crocodilians were out in droves too...many hatchlings and fiercely protective mommies!
Hmm...these make me think of my beloved raspberry pillow cookies :) Yum! Haven't had in several WEEKS now!
Hey! Since when are pork chops 'slumming it'?!
A roast wrapped in prosciutto. Frankly my dear, I'm peeved not to have thought of it first....
Aww, shucks, dohhead....
I'm very sorry for your family's loss, Anthony...Kind wishes and courage on this sad day of remembrance.
Anglers are NOT the only people who have a great love for fish! And no, I'm not talking about eating fish, lol. I'll have you know that I read a lot of books about fish and fishing, and quite enjoy them, although perhaps 8 or 9 percent of the writing is lost on me for lack of experience.
Love the writing on this...
Those hearts are stunners--and that's just my sense of sight talkin'. Can't even imagine what the sense of taste would have to say...
Dohhead, it may be best for you to work on blog posts in a Word program rather than online; I've lost long passages on the internet before too, it totally sucks. I think you would agree gavage yields great (and tasty) things sometimes! Lovely pastry porn (caramel custard, ahem...).
But you shouldn't be surprised at all! After all, women should be GRATEFUL for all the crumbs (and diapers) thrown their way, shouldn't they?? MANY marketers are so ridiculously out of touch...
Oh my...a berry vol au vent? There are no words. I like. And very much approve.
Flourless bread...haven't had. Looks like you managed to make sumthin quite nice outta your flour-free experiment. Thanks for the sacristain dedication, dohhead ;O)
Forget it, just noticed you meant it as an optional coating.
Are the coconut flakes a must?
Look at that face under the table--so precious! What grape does papi-in-law use for his wine? The food looks and sounds fab--hands down, the vast majority of THE most memorable meals I've had were with my sister in Italy while she lived there and the times that she and I visited in the years after, so I agree with your statements made early on in your post...out of both fact and sentiment. Last video: did you get smacked after you turned off the camera, cuz it seems that things were heading in that direction, LOL.
German is such a sensual and romantic language. (Laughs and snickers quietly.)
Roses are red, Violets are blue. I'm schizophrenic.... AND SO AM I! MUHAHAHAHA! Alas, I didn't come up with that brilliant rhyme about schizos and flowers. That too un-PC for your blog?... I expected the chef to be a Charles Aznavour kinda guy with that accent, but he likes dance's just as well. I'd certainly eat this for lunch, looks quite satisfying.
It's brilliant. I would say that all your videos ought to have such a voice, but from one ar-teeste to another, I understand the need to keep things fresh. Alas, a Frenchie today, an Italian tomorrow, a Dixie-flag wavin' gun-totin' good ole boy the day after...LOL. The cakie seems like a brilliant idea, and seems like it would be quite tasty....
Your blogmate sounds like such a wise woman! So creative, such great taste, so... Ah, wait. Food is miracle. Is there any other mundane thing capable of being so...un-mundane, any other daily necessity/function capable of yielding THAT much conversation? Toothpaste, shampoo...good too, but ain't no food 'n' wine! Thank YOU, friend...
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