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Sunny Ramon
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Originally an Oregonian, now a wife and mother
Interests: watching movies, and reading., spending time with my family
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I also blame the school and parents. Most of it falls on the parents though. They should know what their kids are doing at school and if they behave badly and irresponsibly then the appropriate punishment should be given to them. The school does need to monitor the kids as well and involve the parents in school life more. It seems that parents are starting to care less and less about their children’s futures and this is more apparent in poor communities. Children are not getting the encouragement and discipline they need from home so when they go to school they act like animals, and no one does anything about it. Technology is also a bad influence for kids. I remember when only a few kids had cell phones and if they were seen they were taken away. Now even teachers are on their phones during class. Television does not teach these kids morals either. It just shows them that it’s all right to act this way and parents don’t monitor what their kids are watching and by not monitoring they are letting them follow the example hat is set through television shows. It this is the way kids today are acting can you imagine how they will raise their kids? I think that children are just going to get worse especially if technological advancements continue to arise, which I am sure they will. Parents need to take back control from their children and start being actual parents!
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