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Nice post, Dave. I agree with you about the coupon side of the equation--and in fact there's no reason why businesses can't jump into that RIGHT NOW. They can also encourage folks to sign up on an LBS by offering inducements. I'm sure Starbucks has something along these lines in mind with their recent partnership agreement with Foursquare. I wrote more about this on my blog: To your other point, which is also Robert Scoble's and several other folks--it seems like Facebook should have a huge advantage in this little arms race. I say *seems*. We really don't know. There are all kinds of situations in tech in which we're all sure that someone will crush or otherwise outrun someone else and we're all made to look like total bozos. My money is actually on Foursquare. It's on a fast trajectory and it understands its platform and users pretty well. Not only that, but it is starting to get a clue as to how to make the app useful to retailers.
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Apr 11, 2010