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Interests: Fiber love
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Hmm - would love to do this, and for me the easiest way to do this would be to set up my own Photoshop document. I found the page: So, the proper resolution, I gather is 150pixels per inch, but the actual pixels needed to fill a fat quarter from a particular type of fabric varies, because the sizes of the fabrics vary so the sizes in pixels of the fat quarters also are different depending on the fabric. So for Kona for example, if I want to do a fat quarter, I should set my document at 3150pixels wide x 2700pixels high [(150•21)x(150•18)] Question: How does that relate to the selvedges, inclusive or not? Do resolutions higher than 150ppi give better results, or are all files brought down to 150ppi Thanks, Barbara
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Sunspot says, "I would learn a lot from this book!" ;-D thanks, Spoonflower & Gertie
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Hi - glad I found your patterns through Spoonflower!
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I am new to your blog - thank you. It is so wonderful. I want to touch everything in your pictures. When I was a girl scout (the 60's) there was a picture of a backstrap loom made of popsicle sticks in the girl scout handbook. That pic was seared into my brain (for some unknown reason) and I finally got around to making it about a year ago. So if anyone wants to try it . . . I found the pic again here:
Toggle Commented May 3, 2009 on inching toward a natural rhythm at Spirit Cloth
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