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Howard, You touched on something historical here. Just earlier I watched a video on how Google's search (amongst others) skew you results relying on your browsing history. To the effect of "they know what you want better that you do". Just like Amazon's recommendations, they are off kilt. The do this for the purpose of targeted marketing hoping you will spend more. I want my MTV (old school, not this reality show crapola)! I can not tell a you a thing about any new bands or older bands on when their new music is coming out. Obviously their new marketing strategies without MTV is not working (not for me anyway). It's as if you have to now seek them out, not the other way around where you would be exposed to new stuff regardless of your "browsing history". The reason Borders bit the dust is because of their over-priced coffee (although their Spiced Chai Tea was awesome!) and pushing DVD's and CD's that nobody wanted anymore and/or because folks were figuring out how to download them online for free even if the quality was way more inferior. Yes, they had books and a huge magazine section for lookie loos but it catered more like a library making people too comfortable to sit on their arse all day and read books & magazines for free. And Tower failed becasue the music & movie industry put out a bunch of junk that they heavily pushed. Ask any twenty something and they will tell you their generation got robbed of good music and movies. Browsing these new artists online is a numbing experience, you can't touch and enjoy the cover art and buy something new based on how cool the CD jacket looked, which was one of the ways I cam across many gems. As for the library, it smells like school and a person must behave themselves, so who wants to go there?! And of course... Free? "Oh, it must not be any good then..." The psychology of the buyer has changed and many vendors are trying to figure it all out. Facebook is the new "IT" thing, that is until something else comes along ...and it will. Andrew @SunWalkMedia
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Sep 18, 2011