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Fun! Just in time for shut-in season…
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I love the fact that there are no controllers because our den is tiny and cramped and, uh, we're not the most coordinated family in the world. It could be dangerous to swing remotes around!
I love how effortlessly cool the pieces are. Everything mixes and matches but not in a cookie cutter way.
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In high school I wanted to try a funky slicked-back hairstyle like Dave Vanian's from the Damned, Damned, Damned LP so I bought some old man hair pomade at the drugstore and proceeded to comb it literally into my hair. It looked totally ridiculous so I decided to wash it out, but it was basically Vaseline with sickening floral scent in it and would not come out, no matter how much I shampooed it. It looked like I had the greasiest hair in the world for a week, plus I smelled like cheap cologne. Ick.
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I'd love for my husband to get a new computer since he's finally shown interest in using it to streamline his business stuff but my old hand-me-down gooseneck iMac is a little too old and clunky since he's an artist and all of his files are high-res photos. Then he could pass it down to my first grader. I'd love to have an iPad but more immediately useful would be a licensed copy of Adobe CS5 so I could be legit… Oh, and my three year old would like a Boba Fett helmet.
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