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Naomi Shapiro
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My kids would love any reason to get us making dolls!
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I am so curious to learn more about color and the psychology behind it.
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Ooh, I could use some tips! user name: superdumb
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I'm torn between the Minoru Jacket and the Cambie Dress. So cute!
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It would be great to win these books for reading up during the cozy nesting/making months so that, come springtime, I'd have a way to sell all of the stuff I've been ferreting away…
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I love Stella, but am waffling between grey and pink. More toward pink tonight, though. Coincidentally, our dog is named Stella. I imagine I would carry Stella while walking Stella and shooting pictures of Stella. The dog, probably not the bag. Not that it isn't photo-worthy but it's not a beagle-bassett mix. Ha!
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The house next door to my parents is for sale... 3500 sq ft on just over 3 acre wooded lot in city with in-ground pool, pizza oven, pond access in backyard all for around 400K. Of course, it's in Wichita but it's a pretty great neighborhood if I do say so myself... Best of luck in finding something closer to your current digs, though.
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Esperanto kissing= tongue to earlobe
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