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yeah i think im with you there, its 3:00 where i live now o.O and i think i need to go to sleep soon
ERIC NYLUND!!!! im not as avid a reader as either of you, but i know him!!! i actually dont know anything else he wrote.... but i LOVE his HALO novels, part because i love halo, and part because his stories are great..... i really hope, as avatar picks up steam and sequels develop, Avatar can pick up some third party creative work(in the form of novels) like halo did with Nylund... and if you both like these authors, they must be pretty good, so ill give them a try
of course we all care, at least i hope we all do, you shouldn't think like that, that being the case, sorry but i cant help you there, my navi is terrible and pretty much non-existent, though i do wanna practice
if the physical body is only a vessel, then y is it necessary? or is it? do the souls of those who have bodies have something to do, a reason for it? Are there souls that exist without the need of a physical form? how does a soul form, or what is it before it is the label we give it, a "soul"?what is a soul?!? just a bunch of random questions that come to mind when i think about this idea/concept that its really too huge to possibly explain in such simple terms, but just felt like throwing them out there
i think 4 or 3 chapters left??? i would like to finish tonight, but it is getting kinda late... so i guess ill have to wait till tomorrow=[ i
very nice!!! awesome having some kinda fan-fic out there, something to satisfy the need for new and fresh avatar material in readable form, just read 2 parts of yours so far and its pretty good! thanks for taking the time to write it, i know id never be able to..... oh and i know his may seem nit-picky and a bit OCD like but at one point there was a tiny error "Something has Kurton’s panties in bundle.” im pretty sure it should be "panties in a bundle" but yeah just a tiny thing, just wanted to let you know
i wonder if there are any connections between the two? heh, idk, but titanic was a good movie, you should watch it, but if you think its gonna be avatar like in its greatness, youre gonna be vastly didappointed
i would prolly ask," will you marry me?" lol no homo(i hate that saying but it just felt right) and of course just kidding... but i would seriously ask him something along the lines of what you said,, pandora
i would most likely guess sleeping? everyone needs to sleep once in a while, though he didnt say good night.... but yeah maybe he was just that tired.... or, knowing him, prolly watching avatar again!!!! lol
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2010 on I wonder what happened to steve....... at AVATAR
yeah im here on the east side too, (NY), but here we have "regents"(stupid, pointless, standardized tests) week, but i have none to take, so its basically a vacation=] so i have no school tomorrow!!! ill be happy to talk about religon and the mysteries of the universe!!! lol and also-im with you, need to learn more Na'vi
I DO!!! im not on it right now, but i know the struggles, the many typos, missing letters, autocorrection misinterpretations...but, it is still a useful gadget, no matter how frustrating
There should definitely be an AVATAR convention!!! i guess the closest will be like a comicon or something like that... but it could be organized at least on a local level, and maybe it could grow into something bigger? never know..... cept this time we wouldnt be uniting to take down a foreign militaristic invader.... or will we?????
pshhhhh yeahhhh right!!! i could only wish=]
I am James Cameron
I havent had the chance to post in a while- schoolwork has just been killing me, but now that i have off, i plan to be a bit more active, and of course seeing the movie at least twice more... Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2010 at AVATAR
im kinda late, but each of those statements meant -i see you- in various languages, i wish i knew all of that, but i cheated;] feel the love everybody!!!
no one wanted the film to end, but i guess it had to end at some point, cuz if it didnt, it would be in production forever and we would never get to see it, a painful paradox really... but otherwise yeah a good ending, i said this on another post, but ill say it again good night to all, Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu
ahhh taylor!!! y didnt i think of that!! wouldve been awesome!! speaking of xbox... i think im going to retire for the day on all of this avatar talk, its been awesome, but i think 5hrs of talking/thinking about avatar is good enough, though i could always use more=] i just needa get on some halo, or COD, i mean avatar is amazing, but i still need to do other things, like owning with my friends online, or hw>.< so good night and good conversations to you all Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu. ( i cheated on this)
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i got u steve=]] i know nothing i can offer can actually beat james cameron's, but fan fiction is important in the development of a big following
hmm but reallly.... well after the i can see you comment, neytiri smiles back and say i can see you too.... she helps him up to the roar of the navi people, all rejoicing in the complete transformation of their new hero. After a few seconds of inner reflection and thought, jake regains perfect consciousness and delivers a speech to all, talking about how the navi people must join together and flourish as a species, rather than unite only in times of danger.... ummm cant think of anything else, just felt like throwing something out there
whats next? take a break from writing for a sec and pat myself on the back and say," good job, me" then take a couple of more seconds to bask in my glory
I dont wanna give in to it but.... I.... see... you... ah there i did it, Oel ngati kameie yo te veo Ich sehe, Sie Je te vois Jeg kan se dig
yeah neytiri's was really strong, her emotions in general, i could always feel what she felt, i guess i should be thanking Zoë Saldaña
dora just beat me!
lol while u go see wizard of oz, ill be watching avatar!!! wow so many great moments, cant even choose... all the ones u all said were amazing and i particularly love the romantic scenes... any one between jake and neytiri really.... but one of the scenes that made me feel the most, even though it was negative, was the destruction of Hometree..... that actually hurt, when i was watching it id didnt know what to feel, it was part hate, fear, and part awe, it just really struck me.. when trudy left was the only reason i had faith in the humans, otherwise i was actually kind of pissed off... maybe part of the reason was the parallel someone brought up between that and the world trade center(being from ny), but the visualization in the movie was so upclose i actually felt lika a navi