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Suresh Vyas
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Here I share some general info about islaam, and how to keep it out of the kafir lands of the world. - History shows that when and where islaam comes in, peace goes out. _ Islaam has spread by two ways: 1) by producing children with four wives like pigs, and 2) by invasions and forcible conversions. -If the young generation studies a few major religions of the world to find out which religion is able to cause world peace, they will see that Islaam has no ability to cause peace. Islam is very much able to cause wars, loss of freedom, and it does not allow independent critical thinking. - Of all the people of the world, the Hindus of India have suffered from islaam the most. Islaam invasions in India since 1000 years have caused 56,000,000 Hindus' genocide, and the world does not know it. - Islaam does not accept any democratic gov.. Therefore, any Muslim living in a democratic country is a hypocrite Muslim. Therefore, they either need to quite islaam, or quit the democratic country. - All the Muslim countries have only Islaam as the legal religion. Therefore, all the democratic countries need to declare Islaam as the illegal religion. When this is done by grass root actions, it will become more easy to check islaam in kafir countries. - Islaam demands the followers' alliance with Islam, not with the counrtry/land or constitution of kafir countries. - When the forefathers of USA made the constitution, they did not know that Islaams' terrorism and strategies and tactics to take over could be a grave threat to freedom. They did not have slightest idea that islaam could be a threat at all. Now we know well it after 9/11, and therefore we Americans need to amend the constitution declaring islaam illegal in USA. The constitution need to be in accordance with the known truths, else it will not be able to protect life, liberty, and justice for all. If Americans do not wake up and act, the islaam-cancer will spread beyond control, and then in USA you will see only the burquas, mosques, minarets, madressas, and mullas. No churches, temples or synagogs or music. The whole US constitution will be replaced by sharia that gives no freedom.
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Apr 21, 2010