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This advice couldn´t be more timely for me. Thank you so much Rinpoche!
What a beautiful gesture from heart!!! May Rinpoche and the kind students he is training enjoy long, healthy lives and may you all keep imparting the Dharma to as many beings as possible!!
WOW!!! KMP strikes again with yet another fabulous product. The new Lama Tsongkapa box set is so beautifully made - check out that blingy tsa tsa! May the good medicine found inside be a balm of healing for so many people around the world. Well done KMP!! We love you!!
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2010 on NEW TSONGKAPA BOX SET!!!!! at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
Dear Rinpoche, I feel the exact same way about animals as you. My two cats are like my children and make the wish everyday that all sentient beings without exception have the same unconditional love and care as they do. I have also been vegetarian for 16 years now and I will never go back to eating meat. Over the years, I've also managed to convince many others, using gentle persuation or leading by example, to either reduce their consumption of meat, to buy organically grown animals or just to go veg full stop. I know many Vajrayana practitioners who still gorge on meat, saying that everything is empty anyway. I don't wish to criticise them, but Padmasambhava himself said this: "Although my view is higher than the sky, my respect for the cause and effect of actions is as fine as grains of flour." I think this is an important point which should not be forgotten with all practitioners. The great Mahasiddhas Patrul Rinpoche as well as Shabkar also extolled the virtues of vegetarianism as Buddhist practitioners. Rinpoche, please continue your most excellent Bodhisattva work towards helping sentient beings. With love and care, Monique
How very auspicious that we were *just* talking about England! emaho!
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Mar 19, 2010