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Ernesto Suárez
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My business partner and I are not only participating, but we have also documented it!
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I never went to Varadero. It was "forbidden territory" when I was in Cuba...
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A very enterprising Cuban once said:"Sin azúcar no hay país," and he was right. Nevertheless, I do have to point out that without coffee there wouldn't have been sugar, and without sugar, well, we know. No Cuban can go on with his/her day without a "buchito." No enterprise would have flourished in Cuba without the energy of that "café de las 3:00 de la tarde" of which our parents and grandparents always spoke, and that we, younger folks wanted to have to no avail. Look at what has happened in the island once they decided to stop allowing people to drink real coffee, and gave us "café mezclado" instead.
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This makes me cry for many reasons. I too hope to return one day, even if just as ashes...
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Good luck! I'll read all about it as soon as you post it!
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Feb 12, 2010