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I found this page through Google, searching for an image of the Nativity set my family had when I was a kid. I was younger (60's kid) but my oldest sibling grew up in the 50's so that's probably the timing of it. And the cardboard Nativity shown on this (your Dec. 11, 2011) page is it. Exactly It. Complete with the wobbly star (with a place for an old-style christmas light bulb that just screamed 'fire hazard') and the mushed-up cardboard tabs. And, sure enough, tucked off to the side and grouped with the camels, the "Colored Wise Man." When I was a kid that went right over my head; I was just matching figures with tabs. When I got older and we brought the nativity set back out for nostalgia, I was horrified as the segregationist reality of it finally hit me. I am certain my family didn't buy it for that, in fact it was probably off-the-shelf at some mainstream department store. If you don't object I'd like to share your image of this set, or at least a link to it, on my social media. Basically pointing out the ways that systemic racism have been around us, sometimes escaping our notice. In any event, thank you again for sharing your own family memories.
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