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my queue has 473 movies, many of which are "long wait" or "very long wait". i periodically go through the list and move things that have become "short wait" or "now" up the queue list... drag and drop is very impractical for moving numerous items from, say, position 463 to 46... especially when one is moving maybe 20 titles. way easier to just type in the numbers. i've deactivated "drag and drop", since it won't allow me to use the re-numbering method.
hey hawke5391, i understand your frustration! i usually try to return everything on friday or saturday, so that i have as many possible available queue positions open on monday when netflix ships out the new releases. usually i get mostly the news releases in the top positions in my queue, but it seems they also very often skip at least one of the top listings and send something further down the list. as for the number of copies they have available... i have to wonder. i now have a very lengthy list of "saved" titles that for a long time were in my queue as "very long wait". so i guess that means that in fact that title is no longer available. i'm guessing because they never had enough copies to meet demand and now whatever copies they did have have been damaged or lost or whatever. "wait a year, then we'll remove it from being available." now that's what i call service!
Here is one article about this situation: Note the irony of the brands of dvd players that are sometimes incompatible with Sony's ecryption methodology: "ARccOS is known to have compatibility problems with some models of Sony, Toshiba and Harman Kardon DVD players." Perhaps the Japanese culture is not familiar with the homily about "the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing."
i signed up for the 2 month free trial of intelliflix (ironic arrogant misnomer... more like "moroniflix") six weeks ago. i tried queueing classics, current, new releases, and tv shows. they don't even stock half the new releases i wanted. the ones they do have they report as "high demand" and won't even put it in your queue until it is likely available in less than 30 days. after SIX WEEKS, i've received FOUR (4) dvds, 5th on the way. average NINE (9) day turnaround. never gotten anything from the top of my queue (such as it is without anything new in there), and have only received disks from the older tv series i queued. total waste of time for me.
Funny this topic would come up, as just a few days ago for the first time I inadvertently sent a "wrong" personal dvd (I'll refrain from saying exactly how I got it mixed up with the "original") to netflix. I read on the website "help" area their statement that they are unable to return personal disks sent to them by mistake. The next day i got an email from netflix entitled "Problem with your recent return". Here is the body of that email: "It appears that you accidently returned one of your personal DVDs or CDs in a Netflix envelope. Rest assured, we will send your disc right back to you." "If you haven't already sent back the Netflix movie you intended to return, please include it with your next return along with a note including your name and email address so we can match the movie to your account." So... I'll have to wait and see if the website or the email has the correct information about returning personal disks...