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Susan Beaty
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im right behind you when it comes to partner with deco. im finding that as long as it looks great, he really is starting to like the frilly, the white, the SHABBY.... nothing could make me happier:) he says as longas it looks nice, not guady its all good. personally i think the aesthetics are a calming thing and maybe it is a way to wind down and relax in a beautiful atmosphere. nice huh........
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2012 on The Day I Met Toile at Opulent Cottage
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you are the only one i know that has come up with the most unique im amazed at some of the things that you find. i would see that and go... what the ???? thanks so much for your insight/education on not so everyday things. susy
can almost sense the atmosphere. vibrant yet serene. boy the flowers you could put in that urn..... enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing.
i certainly hope you enjoy your trip to paris. i just received a dramatically reduced in price cookbook from laduree. so beautiful... i would love to have a box of macarons from laduree. 2nd choice would be french millinery, ribbons. anything would be absolutely wonderful tho. my dream is to go to paris one day. the spoons i got from you are now sitting in an antique bavarian sugar bowl. looks absolutely beautiful. i thank you. they are so neat. many of the entries i cant do as im not a blogger. but i do follow your blog. i also follow you on facebook, and pinterest. anywhere you are, i am..... enjoy your trip. susy
how wild. ya know, you can just about picture the conversation scenerio by their expressions. i know im crazy. you got lucky huh.... s
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2012 on Haberdashery & Scrapbooking at Mitzi's Miscellany
ive got a plate that i think may be spatterware. quite a design on it. no markings on back tho. also have a painting that i know is very old. there is no where in thiese 2 little "towns" that i know of to check these out.... mitzi, what do i do??????
i knew someday you'd become a star:) congrats. cant wait to watch it. i'm happy for you. s.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2012 on Never a Dull Moment at Mitzi's at Mitzi's Miscellany
wow mitz, talk about a trip down the lane.... im a 55'er. so so many things. girls wearing army jackets,flags on jeans and TICKLE. i remember in hi school, my dad combed his hair striaght back, with brylcreem. one night i talked him into letting me mess with his hair. iparted on side, blow dried. he ended up with hair cut and grew a stache. what a handsome man he was. stayed that way til day he died. glad i left my hippie footprint on him. thanks for all the memories. you really did it.....very well. susy
ditto, my friend. KEEP COOL, susy
so true, as am i right there with them. cant do as much as id like to but ive acclamated myself to that fact. im still an outdoors person irregardless... well, youve actually given me a bit of hope there. shop owner said same thing. just think in 1 1/2 mo., its gonna be time for fall stuff. cant say im ready for that but if this horrid heat keeps up, i will be:) happy 4th everyone:):) be safe.....
i love to buy and ptetty much know what my customers like. i miss buying. havent in about 2 months now. yes rent, ahhh. you know, my owners are pretty good. they seem to be on the downside also. she begged me to keep open as 7 others were closing down this month. so i said i would. Lord knows if i do close what will i do with everything!!!!! have a great 4th of july mitzi. take care my friend. susy
im doing the same thing. im not buying either. ive got so much stuff and need to start really moving it. ive listed all at half off. i may have to close my booth, as the good old state of ill. did budget cuts on disability, seniors. just may not be able to keep open as rent may too much for me now. things have been really slow here. hope they pick up soon. first time in 1 1/2 yrs that ive actually had to pay out. keep on selling..... susy
dear mitzi, im so very sorry for your loss. i know exactly how you feel as i lost my dad will be 2 yrs april 10th which is also my sons birthday and my sisters is 13th.,its hard and some days are better than other, especially if youre a close family as we were, and still are.. for me even still. and now coming on anniversary it just is there in back of your head. anyway irregardless of our age, dont feel bad if you cry. doesnt matter where, when or otherwise. tears, my friend are liquid love. if you want to chat feel free. your daddy's still gonna be reading your blog, and will carry you through every single day. things are really weird sometimes, as you will discover. anyway, enough..... cant wait for the surprise. looking forward to it.... take care my friend, susy
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Mar 20, 2012