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I note that you are uncharacteristically taken up with the candidates' physical appearance. Granted, how you look counts a lot on TV and sadly, many Americans will respond to candidates purely on the basis of visual impressions...but it's odd to see this spate of observations coming from you. (Romney's hair, McCain's aging...)
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2007 on 229 days . . . at Framed
I disagree with your assessment of McCain. He looked far more in charge, more comfortable, more like a leader than in previous debates. I think he gained the most from this one. I think Rommeny lost the most. The moments that stuck out for me were those moments when a few of the candidates had the courage to let their basic humanism show--even though humanist positions tend to be unpopular among mainstream Republicans, e.g.: McCain, in response to questions about the English language, talking about Hispanic soldiers giving their lives in Viet Nam, Iraq. Huckabee, whose response to the question about the greatest moral challenge we face you noted in your live post. Although many of his positions are scary, more than the others, Huckabee seems to embody "being Christian" in the best sense of the word. Paul, expressing outrage at the party even entertaining the use of pre-emptive, so called "tactical" nukes.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2007 on 229 days . . . at Framed
I definitely could have done without the mini dress and fishnets visual....but I was similarly uninspired. Still, I haven't written Obama off, yet. I have heard him speak more eloquently, more passionately and with a more conversational quality in the past. I'm hoping it was just an off night for him. I have to imagine the guy is walking on egg shells. With his every word, every blink, every pause, every breath, subject to evaluation for nuance, subtext, ulterior motive., it may take some time for him to get his footing.
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