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Thank you for this, Jim. I think this is the biggest mistake parents make which carries through into the employees we are expected to hire. The credit and blame game is exhausting. Step up, man up - however you want to say it - if you did it, admit it - good or bad. Make it right, better. I once heard a speaker ask, "The best way out is through." In other words, how do you get through unpleasant situations, results quickly? Go through them, not around, not over, under - right through the middle and leave them behind as only a memory. Happy New Year SLMA!
Thank you for this, Lynn. Inconsistencies in a series of articles by a client was bugging me. You helped me give a standard rule to follow.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2012 on Punctuating Bullet Points at Business Writing
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May 31, 2012